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A Few Exceptions

Are you currently under the care of a psychologist or psychiatrist? If yes, I need the ‘OK’ from this specialist for you to have hypnotherapy. Please organise written consent to mailbox.horizons@gmail.com

Do you experience epilepsy? In this case, hypnotherapy is not advisable for you.

Are you taking prescribed anti-psychotic drugs? Are you suicidal, have been diagnosed with bipolar, schizophrenia, experience psychotic episodes, or identify as a drug addict? In these cases unfortunately I cannot help you at this time. Please see your GP, Psychiatrist or call Lifeline on 131114.

Session Structure

Hypnotherapy is most effective when done in sets of three sessions because it often involves a process of peeling back the layers surrounding the problem. But it will all depend on the individual and the problem as to how quickly it will work for you. Some people may only need one or two sessions. Hypnotherapy is not ‘mind control’, but a collaboration – you need to be actively engaged in the work because after all, it is your mind. Are you ready for change?

Coaching is based upon working towards the goals you set, meet and redefine as you progress, so again it is flexible as to how many sessions might be most useful. Typically, coaching involves at least 6 sessions, starting weekly and extending to monthly.


Session fees are as follows for 2019:
– 1 hour session for Hypnotherapy or Coaching is $120

– 90 minutes session for Hypnotherapy $180

– 3 session package of 1 x 90 minutes and 2 x 1 hour sessions costs $360 (saving $60). Must be purchased at 1st session.

– A Past Life Regression session is approximately 2 hours and costs $240

– Inner Guidance sessions run from 1.5-3 hours and cost $250


I operate from Buderim where there are stairs leading up to the clinic.


I can provide a recording of your hypnosis experience on USB, for your continued listening, where relevant. Please be aware that you will most probably ‘outgrow’ this recording as your unconscious mind commences change work, but it can be useful for a time.

Cancellation Policy

Sessions are by appointment only and late cancellations make it difficult to fill places. A 50% fee will be charged for cancellations between 48 and 24 hours before your appointment and full session price for all non attendances with less than 24 hours notice.


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Buderim, Sunshine Coast, Australia

Phone: 0481 312 173