Inner Guidance Quantum Consciousness Experience

Quantum Consciousness is a a profound process which guides you through expanding layers of your awareness. It is a process which can be applied to the big questions such as, Why am I here? What is my purpose? Or it can be applied to understanding significant issues such as anxiety or depression, or perhaps business failure, themes of loss, or relationship issues, as just a few examples. The guidance you receive through this metaphorical exploration is life changing.  Other clients simply enjoy the ‘ride’ through the quantum experience as a form of self-discovery, with no particular issue in mind.

The first layer we visit on this amazing journey centres on events and learnings from this current life. We then move onto key decision points from this life, sparking notions of parallel lives and alternative pathways to those which you chose to take. The next layer we explore is past lives. We then move out  to the formless existence of interdimensional space which sets you free of your assumed identity and its limitations. Finally, we explore your eternal world. You will get what you need from this session, even if you do not receive guidance at each level. 

This is a phenomenal process which enables you to connect with your calling in life, among other applications, and to understand negative patterns and how to correct them. 

How is this different from hypnotherapy?

Quantum Consciousness guides you outwards, rather than deeper. You find yourself in a heightened state of awareness, rather than dropping down into Alpha / Theta brainwave levels. You are fully conscious at all times, more so than you normally would be. The other major difference is that, in Quantum Consciousness work, you do all the talking, unlike hypnosis where you do all the listening. My role in this process is to guide and facilitate your experience, helping you to produce comprehensive insights and messages. These are truly important messages from your own unconscious. Who else could you trust to answer the big questions for you, but you?

This is a very deep, thorough process which takes between 1.5 and 3 hours.

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