Past-Life Regression

Some clients choose past life regression to explore and heal the past, while others choose to have a past life regression session simply out of curiosity. Whether you believe in past lives or not, the timeline technique has transported some people back into a deep and mysterious past, seemingly from another lifetime.

While there is research which suggests that up to 20% of personal memories are completely false (Michael McGrath, Brent E. Turvey, in Miscarriages of Justice, 2014), over 50,000 case studies from The Newton Institute (US) indicate that past lives are very real indeed! This is not for me to advise but for you to decide. However, I can say that the information brought forward in a past life session is relevant, even if on a metaphorical level, revealing certain information to benefit you.

A typical session will involve the journey back to one or more previous lifetimes as well as identifying and addressing any issues which present through the insight. For example a person may have a pattern of poverty, or loneliness, and a session may reveal the cause of this pattern, residing in a previous life event. Depending on the issue, further work may need to be done to fully resolve the issue. Past life regression can be a deeply healing and insightful experience. Who do YOU think you are? Past-life regression sessions run at around 2 hours in duration.

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